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Hill's Prescription Diet Changes

Hill's Prescription Diet Changes
February 14, 2022

The first thing you’ll notice going forward is updated packaging.   Hill’s has modernized and simplified its packaging to make it easier to understand and identify the different prescription diets.   Additionally, packaging will have a scannable QR code on each bag that will link you to helpful information and resources.  

The next thing you may notice is that your pet’s dry food looks a little different. Some foods may have a new kibble shape, color, or size, which has been optimized for great taste!  

Finally, some prescription diets have had a formula upgrade.   You’ll find a yellow bag sticker on any foods whose formulas have changed. A seven-day transition period is recommended to help ensure a smooth transition to the new food for pets with known sensitives during diet changes.    

Hill’s Prescription Diets that have had a formula upgrade include:  

CANINE Dry Products: 

  • c/d Multicare Urinary Care

  • h/d Heart Care

  • j/d (regular and small bites) Mobility

  • k/d + j/d Kidney and Mobility

  • k/d Kidney Care

  • Metabolic Weight + j/d

  • Metabolic Weight

CANINE Canned Product: 

  • i/d Low Fat Digestive Care 

FELINE Dry Products:  

  • c/d Multicare Urinary Care (chicken & ocean fish flavors)

  • c/d Multicare STRESS Urinary Care

  • i/d digestive care

  • k/d + j/d Kidney + Mobility

  • k/d Kidney Care (chicken & ocean fish flavors)

  • Metabolic Weight Loss

  • s/d Urinary Care

  • w/d Multi-Benefit

  • y/d Thyroid Care

Regardless of where you purchase your pet’s Hill’s Prescription Diet - in our hospitals, from our online platform Hill’s to Home, or from another online vendor - your pet’s health is our priority and we are happy to answer any questions you may have!